David R.

Growing up, life was pretty difficult for me. I was bullied throughout middle school and felt as if I did not belong. My addiction initially began when I was introduced to smoking marijuana. This lasted for some time, but I eventually started smoking crack-cocaine. This is where my drug addiction seemed to really spiral out of control. I found that drugs and alcohol allowed me to temporarily forget about the pain of my childhood and past, as well as take away any fear or anxiety I had for the time being. Just prior to coming into Teen Challenge, I was baptized at a local church. I was coming down from an intense high, but felt as if the Lord had a plan for my life. A few days later, I found myself as a student in the program. I am here to establish a firm connection with my heavenly Father, as well as find a new identity. I hope to learn to view life’s problems through a new perspective and forgive myself and others for what has been done. I look forward to the new life that awaits me in Christ!