Before coming to the program, I struggled with arguing, stealing, yelling, always wanting to be right, relationship problems, lying, forgiving others, disobeying parents, negative mindset, wrong love, impulsive actions, manipulation, self-worth, wrong friends, online issues, treating others horribly, trust issues, and getting stuck in my head. I am learning here that I can overcome my negative mindset by trusting God and once I can change the mindset problem, all the other problems can work out because the root problem of those is the negative mindset. God has changed my viewpoint towards others. Instead of seeing their problems, I see struggles and needing help. I also know God has a plan for me and I have no need to worry if I am in God’s hands. When I go home, I want to be able to have the wisdom to control my temptation with God’s help and to show love and kindness to others when they show the opposite. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 is one passage that I love because it shows how much faith a person can have in Christ. They take all the negative talk and turn it to God and they become stronger within the Spirit.