For me, before I came to Springboard I struggled with many things. The main things that I struggled with would probably be anger and following the rules along with sexual behaviors and drugs. While being at Springboard I have learned a lot and I have changed a lot of my past behaviors. I am learning to build my relationship with God and to fix my relationship with my family and to realize that there will always be people that will try to bring me down but to push on and have faith. I would like for God to help guide me through life and continue to show me his ways. Also, for God to continue to protect my family and me. I would like my future to be different for me, my parents, and my siblings. I would like for us to all be at peace and to just have a normal teenage life. I also want to have a really good relationship with my mom, sister, and brother. I want to have a relationship like my mom and her mom and be the best big sister I can be. My favorite Bible verse right now is Romans 10:9-10.