Taylor H.

I feel like I never got the chance to have a childhood. Things happened that made me grow up quickly. Having no control over my life or the things that happened to me created an issue with control.  I used drugs here and there but I was not a full blown addict until after I graduated high school. I was in love with a boy, moved to Colorado for him. When the relationship came to an end, I moved back home. I was heartbroken. All I wanted to do was numb the pain. Something that was an every once in a while thing with friends quickly turned into an everyday thing by the age of 19.  I started out abusing prescription painkillers. When I couldn’t find pills, I upgraded to Heroine. Kicked the Heroine and picked up Meth. Trading one addiction for another.  I had been seeking God on my own.  I would pray that He would lead me to someone who would be able to answer my questions. I was sick of my own crap. Sick of the lifestyle I was living. I feel that God heard my prayers and lead me to the Home of Hope. My hope with this program is to take the time and the space to build a better me. To build healthy habits and routines. To re-write my unhealthy programming so that I can fully participate in my own life and what God is building for my future.