Sonia S.

I grew up in a home that tried their hardest to make it a good one. I loved all the sporting events for little leagues and family picnics. I grew up with a hard working step dad and mother, but I didn’t know my biological father. My addiction began wanting people’s love and approval around 5 and I am still learning to come out of it. Growing up not having a memory of my own father left a hole in my heart. My belief of not getting the acceptance needed left me searching. I used approval from others and people pleasing as a guide to feeling love and accepted from people in my life, it left me feeling mad at myself because I couldn’t seem to get out of the cycle. I came here with my 3 kids to get out of a dysfunctional relationship. I am tired of fighting to be accepted and validated. I want to be able to show my kids what a healthy person with a relationship with Christ looks like and gain some healing and a stronger relationship with God.