Jewell B.

Overall growing up, I had a good childhood. I had loving, God fearing parents. They weren’t perfect (like any of us) but they raised me with the love of Jesus and God in their hearts. My addiction began at age 26. I started drinking but only for a few months and wanted to get help before it got bad. I started drinking when the pressures of life hit and I started to feel like God wasn’t enough. But I ended up straying further away from Him. What brought me to Teen Challenge was my Uncle. He once was a student in the program and has graduated and is now a staff member at the Men’s Center. I had talked to him about some struggles and he informed me about Teen Challenge and what the program had done for him and I was interested. I wanted somewhere that could grow and challenge my faith in God. The things I hope to accomplish while in the program are learning how to be whole, and to get healing and deliverance.