Shelby A.

I grew up with both my adoptive parents and three other siblings.  They raised me very controlling and strict but still loving because they tried to protect me from a life of disobedience. I feel like I was placed on a pedestal to be as “godly” and “perfect” as them.  It seemed my rebellious heart led them to have negative thoughts and feelings – questioning who they adopted. I felt like I was always a disappointment to them and their words and actions that they projected towards me hurt. I blamed and placed fault on myself and became distant from my family. I started abusing alcohol and marijuana in high school then I got into meth and fentanyl at 19 and now I’m 23. I used drugs because I didn’t want to feel, think, or be present and just wanted to escape reality. My addiction quickly caught up with me and I was soon in trouble with the law and then homeless. I came to the Home of Hope because I felt that short term treatments didn’t work well. I would like to make probation early and have a better outlook on life and not dread living. I also want to find out why I’m here and what my purpose is.