Jennifer Found Restoration…

I spent 16 years off and on doing drugs. I started when I was 12 and by the age 13 was addicted to Meth. My life was a complete mess! My dad was an alcoholic and my mother worked and went to school full time.

At 25, I met a man who I thought was my everything. He was a gang member and brought me into a lifestyle I knew nothing about. I began to commit crimes and soon acquired seven felony’s, and then lost my two children to CPS.

Shortly after that I called my parents and asked for help. God led us to Teen Challenge Home of Hope. I felt a love I had never felt ever before. Within three months, I received my kids back and my CPS case was closed. I began going to my court cases and fortunately ended up with only misdemeanors.

God changed my life!! I have a great relationship with both my kids, as well as my parents, and we are all serving the Lord today. There is hope, God gave me hope when I walked though the doors of Teen Challenge.