Larry’s All New Life…

After my first taste of alcohol at 12 years of age, I went from l living a normal childhood to wondering when and how I could get my next drink.

As I got older I became a functioning alcoholic who was successful in business and was good at hiding my addiction and blending in to the world around me. I was married for 21 years and raised two beautiful children, but I could not stop or escape my addiction. My marriage finally dissolved and I reconciled myself to die lonely, miserable, and defeated.

Fortunately, others who loved me didn’t give up, and I checked in to Teen challenge of Arizona after I was arrested for DUI. I began my recovery and broke free from the chains of addiction. Today I work for Teen Challenge in our corporate office and volunteer in the same Men’s Center I went through, counseling other men seeking the same healing I found there.

I’m grateful to God and to the ministry of Teen Challenge for setting me free and giving me a new chance to live again; to live with purpose!