I came to the Home of Hope after struggling with a heroin addiction for 10 years, I couldn’t see the other side. I don’t know that I believed there was one.

For several months, I fought the program. I almost left a few times, but in the end I surrendered the feeling and desired to not leave God. I allowed Him control over my life and my path. In time, I learned the truth about who I am, who He says I am.

I have been so blessed for “sticking it out”. My family has been restored, and my life has stability. I am a working, trusted and responsible person, and my life gets better and better every day.

His plans are far better than mine could have ever been. My desire to use drugs and seek out a lifestyle of chaos is gone. I only have God to thank for delivering me, and the Home of Hope for putting me on the path and  guiding me towards a real relationship with God.

Now I am managing a business in Alaska, and I get to be a mom to my 2 wonderful sons. I get to participate in all of the fun stuff that I never had time for before. We are active, have hobbies, and enjoy spending time together as a family. And we love and praise God every day!