My name is Jason, I’m 44 years old. When I was twelve, after some hard experiences that I didn’t know how to cope with, I began smoking pot. I fell in love with a monster. Gradually as with all sin, it progressed until I had no control. I was using cocaine, LSD and any other drugs I could get that would keep me far from reality. My life was a mess and I was completely miserable. I had no hope, no future, and I could not be trusted.

My mom and aunt told me about a program called Teen Challenge. I was only too glad to go. I wanted to be rid of the life I was leading.

The first month or so was extremely difficult, and all I thought about was leaving. One day I was working in the kitchen, and had a very big chip on my shoulder. I was working with a 6’6″ tattooed biker who was also a student. He asked me to help with something and I exploded, cussing him out. As he began walking towards me I thought “Oh man, I’ve had it!” He backed me into a corner, wrapped his arms around me and said “Son, let it go.” I immediately broke down, and as the tears streamed down my cheeks, this unlikely individual ministered the Love of Christ to me.

Working through the program got easier and I began to learn scripture, how to pray, and formed relationships with others that would prove to be instrumental even years later. My life has had some fierce ups and downs, but God has always pulled me through.