Ashly H.

Life growing up was dark until the age of nine. My dad battled addiction, and my mom worked a lot to support four children. At nine, my dad went to the Teen Challenge Phoenix Men’s Center, when his life changed so did all of ours. My parents went full force into ministry, it was beautiful. My addiction started at seventeen with marijuana. By the time I was twenty-two, I became addicted to meth and at age twenty-eight when I started using fentanyl, I became hopeless. I used drugs in the beginning because I liked the way they made me feel, but eventually I lost everything I loved and began using drugs to numb my guilt and shame. I came to Teen Challenge so that I could have life with purpose in Christ. I grew up in a Teen Challenge family and I know God works here. I told God that if he would open the door, I’ll be obedient, and he did. While here I hope to learn how to be a disciple for the kingdom of God. I want to be able to be used by God. AMEN!