Justine C.

My life growing up was very broken and abusive. I fought a lot and witnessed many men that my mom went through. There was a lot of illegal activity and neglect and my mom paid more attention to her men than to me. We moved a lot which was rough on me because I never really got to establish relationships. My addiction began when I was fourteen when I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, that led to cocaine and meth. I believe I used drugs to forget the hurt and the things my family did to me and showed me. I wanted the pain to stop. I wanted to smile again and be happy. What brought me here to be honest was my lawyer. I was given a list of programs to go into to help with reunification with my daughter. What I hope to accomplish here at the Home of Hope is to gain life skills and to gain a firm foundation of God for my daughter and I to build on and get on my feet and stay on my feet. I want to be able to discern and stay away from situations that are not good for me or my daughter.  I hope to heal from past trauma as well as minister to places my daughter needs healing.